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Leading the way in Proactive Cybersecurity

OTM Cyber is leading the way in threat hunting and exceptional cybersecurity services. Here at OTM Cyber, we take a proactive approach to protecting customer networks by implementing our OTM CyberSystem® combined with our OTM tailored cybersecurity services. Our expert analysts monitor clients' networks 24/7/365 while providing solutions for protection before an attack occurs.

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Ensuring 911 is there when you need it by providing specialized cybersecurity

In today’s world of constant cyber-attacks, protecting our nation's critical infrastructure is more important than ever. This is why OTM Cyber is dedicated to protecting our nation’s 911 agencies. We specialize in providing cybersecurity for Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) and in helping ensure that 911 is protected from cyber threats, thus always available when people need it most.

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Custom tailored cybersecurity solutions to fit your organization's security needs

Cybersecurity is not “one size fits all”. We are committed to providing custom solutions to fit your organization's specific and unique security needs. We take the time to fully understand your environment in-depth to provide the best protection and visibility possible. We accomplish this using our custom proprietary OTM CyberSystem® built into our OTM CyberBox® in addition to our portfolio of other tools, software, and services. 

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Providing defense-in-depth by partnering with Sophos

We have partnered with Sophos to provide a more defense -n-depth security solution. Just as there is no “one size fits all” solution, there is also no “one tool protects all” solution. Sophos firewall and end point protection are integrated into our OTM Cyber System to provide an even stronger cybersecurity solution for our customers.

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