What makes OTM Cyber the best fit for 911?

"Why choose a cybersecurity company that specializes in 911?"

911 agencies/PSAPs have unique vulnerabilities that require unique cyber protection.

"Can my smaller 911 agency afford a more in-depth cybersecurity solution?" 

Yes!  OTM Cyber provides tiered pricing with tailored security solutions to best fit your organization.

"Does OTM Cyber rely only on hardware/software to protect against cyber attacks?"

No.  OTM Cyber has security analysts that have a in depth understanding of 911/PSAP networks. Their knowledge is layered with security software, our OTM CyberSystem®, and 24/7/365 monitoring to provide a comprehensive defense-in-depth security solution. 

Next Generation (NG) 911

NG 911 will offer the following capabilities:
    - Text
    - Video Call
    - Pictures

This new technology will introduce new vulnerabilities.

Be proactive with your cybersecurity, not reactive!

Taking Cybersecurity Seriously

Stolen 911 data can mean HIPAA violations!
Protect your networks from attackers and expensive fines!