Meet OTM Cyber

With collective years of experience both in the commercial and government sectors, our team brings to bear a depth of knowledge and skills to provide proactive cybersecurity services.

Our passion is ridding the world of cyber threats. We believe that businesses and organizations should be able to focus on serving their customers and communities without worrying about being compromised by cyber attacks.

Our team is trained by both the private and government sectors and holds industry leading certifications making them ready to thwart the latest cyber threats.

Our goal is to stay one step ahead of threat actors and prevent breaches before they occur. A team of security agents is assigned specifically to each customer and remain dedicated to them throughout the duration of the contract. They become a part of our customer's technical team and work in lock step with their staff.


Our main offices are located in Huntsville Alabama, a growing hub for cybersecurity talent and services. We also have staff on the west coast and the east coast. We provide services across the United States. 

Like most of the world dealing with the current pandemic, we are taking extra precautions to keep our employees and the community safe. Thanks to our state of the art technology and secure communication methodology, we are able to work remotely and still provide the same level of exceptional service. Note that our offices are not currently open to the public. 


600 Boulevard S SW, Suite 104
Huntsville, AL