Optimized Threat Management (OTM) Service

At the center of what we do is our proactive cybersecurity monitoring and management which we call OTM services or Optimized Threat Management services.

Traditional network and endpoint security systems are mostly reactive and focus on responding to attacks should they occur. While these systems are important, we know that threat actors are organized and resourceful. Threat actors study these reactive systems and are always creating new ways to avoid them and slip past their detection mechanisms.

Our proactive OTM services detect and mitigate threat vectors and cyber vulnerabilities before threat actors have a chance to take advantage of them. We uncover vulnerabilities and security issues that traditional reactive cybersecurity systems would not be aware of and we help you close those gaps and develop a strong cybersecurity posture across your organization.

Behind every OTM deployment is a team of security professionals that work with you to help you mitigate cyber risks and inform you of new or developing vulnerabilities that exist or could affect your organization. These cyber professionals are assigned specifically to your organization and become an extension of your IT team as a valuable resource for you. They monitor and manage your cybersecurity 24/7/365 and they give you regular reports that include advice on how to resolve detected cybersecurity issues.

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The OTM CyberBox®

Our OTM solution is designed to overlay on your existing reactive cybersecurity infrastructure without disrupting network flows or changing configurations.

For organizations who do not have a comprehensive reactive cybersecurity solution, we can build one for you using some of our products and services as outlined below.

With each deployment comes our OTM Box. The configuration of the OTM Box varies depending on your existing infrastructure and your needs as identified during preliminary discussions.

The OTM Box provides a central point of monitoring and managing of your cybersecurity infrastructure by your assigned OTM security professionals. It deploys just inside your existing firewall and monitors network traffic and security events generated by other systems in your infrastructure.

It correlates all security information together and provides a central dashboard for the OTM security professionals and your IT team to view, understand, monitor, and manage your cybersecurity.

The OTM Box can also deploy as a next generation network firewall, intrusion prevention system, and much more. It also follows the Gartner recommended model of closely integrating with other security systems and it integrates with, correlates with, and manages our endpoint protection solution with advanced ransomware protection.

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Custom Built Solutions

Our cybersecurity services are tailored to meet your specific needs

We understand that cybersecurity is not "one size fits all" and that each organization has unique needs, challenges, and risks.

Our services are custom tailored to meet the needs of each organization that we interact with. We work closely with you and meet with you one-on-one to understand your environment, your threat vectors, and your specific needs. Once we understand what those are, we engineer a custom solution specifically for you and work with you to fine tune the offering.

The following items are features of our OTM service that could be included in a proposed solution for you

Endpoint Protection

Mobile Device Management and Protection

Secure WiFi

Secure Remote Connectivity

Server Protection

Email Security

Network Security

User Training

Data Encryption

Cloud Security

Incident Response

Vulnerability Analysis