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Announcing the New and Improved OTM CyberSystem!

OTM Cyber is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of our enhanced CyberSystem, designed to revolutionize your cybersecurity operations. These improvements will integrate with more services, and give you better correlation times to identify threats faster.

Our cutting-edge Optimized Threat Management (OTM) solution, delivered as Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS), will now leverage this powerful new tool to provide superior service to our customers and partners. Over the remainder of the year, this upgrade will roll out automatically, bringing advanced features and AI-driven capabilities directly to you.

Unleashing AI for Superior Visibility, Detection, and Response (VDR)

Unparalleled Network Monitoring:

  • Real-Time AI-Enhanced Traffic Analysis: Experience continuous monitoring of all network traffic with AI analyzing every packet, capturing every detail, and spotting anomalies instantly.

  • Packet Metadata Extraction: Our intelligent packet catcher extracts critical metadata, storing it for trend analysis, ensuring swift and accurate threat detection without deep packet inspection.

Dynamic Event Correlation and Alerting:

  • Automated Trend Analysis: Our AI cross-references event data, identifying patterns and assigning dynamic threat scores. This means smarter alerts and faster responses to potential threats, ensuring your security operations center remains proactive.

Automated Threat Detection:

  • AI-Powered Detection: Stay ahead of threats with our system's machine learning models, identifying anomalies and generating real-time alerts to keep you informed and prepared.


Endpoint Isolation:

  • Instant Threat Containment: Compromised endpoints are isolated instantly, with AI-driven automated responses preventing threat spread and ensuring continuous network protection.

Proactive Threat Hunting:

  • Enhanced Threat Hunts: AI supports both manual and automated threat hunting, uncovering hidden threats, refining detection rules, and keeping your team ahead of emerging threats.

Comprehensive Data Integration and Management

OTM Cyber Comprehensive Data Integration and Management

Centralized Data Integration:

  • Unified Data Collection: Logs, network data, and endpoint information are centrally collected and analyzed, with AI-driven insights integrating seamlessly with services like Microsoft 365, Google Enterprise, all of the major EDR providers, and more, for a holistic security view.

Unified Data Collection

Comprehensive Asset Tracking:

  • Auto-Discovery and Management: AI tracks every networked device, from operating systems and hardware to user activity and IP addresses, providing a detailed and historical view of your assets.

Comprehensive Asset Tracking

Advanced Log Management:

  • AI-Driven Analysis: Aggregate and analyze log data with advanced search and visualization capabilities, turning raw data into actionable insights for compliance and forensic investigations.

Vulnerability Scanning and Detection:

  • Continuous Security Assessment: Our system includes robust vulnerability scanning, identifying and addressing potential security weaknesses before they can be exploited.

Security and Compliance

Effortless Compliance Reporting:

  • Regulatory Adherence: Generate detailed compliance reports effortlessly with AI ensuring your organization meets regulatory requirements, providing thorough audit trails and peace of mind.

Secure Data Handling:

  • Data Protection: AI-driven encryption and secure storage solutions protect your sensitive information, ensuring data integrity both at rest and in transit.

User Interface and Management

Intuitive Dashboards:

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Customizable, AI-enhanced dashboards provide real-time monitoring and historical data analysis, ensuring you stay informed and in control.

Streamlined Alert Management:

  • Efficient Response: Our centralized alert management system leverages AI to prioritize and respond to alerts efficiently, integrating with incident response workflows for swift and coordinated defense.

Robust Access Control:

  • Enhanced Security: AI-enforced role-based access control and multi-factor authentication manage data access securely, ensuring only authorized users can access sensitive information.

Embracing the Future of Cybersecurity

With over 80% of all network traffic now encrypted, the landscape of cybersecurity detection and response is evolving. Our new CyberSystem is designed to meet these challenges head-on, using the latest AI technology to provide unmatched visibility, detection, and response (VDR).

Experience the future of cybersecurity with the new and improved OTM CyberSystem. Leveraging advanced AI, our system offers unparalleled protection, ensuring your network remains secure and resilient. Stay tuned for this exciting upgrade, rolling out to our valued customers throughout the year. Discover how AI can transform your security operations and give you the peace of mind you deserve.



Book a Demonstration to see the new Cyber System in action & see what it can do for your organization.


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