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Managed SOC Services

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Reasons Why Outsourcing to a Managed SOC Services is Not Scary

Threats to enterprise security are a problem for many. Businesses in sectors with large volumes of valuable data are especially attractive to hackers and cybercriminals. They are always looking for holes in the businesses' computer systems and networks, and when they do, they will not even pause to act. Otm cyber offers managed SOC services that can help with this issue.

What is a managed SOC?

Managed SOC provides businesses with outside cybersecurity specialists who monitor their network, devices, logs, and cloud environment for dangers.

Managed SOC Services is Not Scary

Businesses worry that they will not have control over their security if they outsource their security. However, you will not give up all control and assume all dangers when outsourcing your security. In the end, you, as a business, will still be in charge.

Endpoint Protection

It relies on a subscription approach, in which you pay a charge on a monthly or annual basis to ensure that threats are identified and addressed appropriately and to prevent them.

You will still be in charge of your security

With a dashboard, you may maintain up-to-date knowledge about what is happening within your company. Whenever there is a danger or breach within your network, the Security Operations Center (SOC) will alert you and offer priority feedback.

Data Encryption

With a managed Security Operations Center, your IT infrastructure is continuously monitored without requiring you to invest heavily in security software, hardware, personnel, training, and other resources.

Incident Response and Recovery

 After that, you act on your initiative using the SOC team's solutions. Using an incident response team is another option. They are going to handle the threat for you.

Your information is secure

Some businesses find it challenging to outsource their IT security because there is a greater danger of a breach and another business gaining access to confidential information. This is untrue since your firm retains data ownership regardless of how you outsource your security to a SOC. All that a SOC will examine are the log files and metadata. This implies that a SOC can only identify the kind of file—such as a.docx or.pdf—and not its content. An external SOC's specialization in protecting data sensitive to privacy is a major benefit.


The price of being secure

Considering the damage that may be caused by cybercrime and its explosive expansion, it is safer to invest in IT security than to try to repair the harm. Despite the IDC's recommendation, many organizations do not allocate between 7% and 10% of their IT budget to security.



Investing in your IT security specialists will cost a lot of money regarding hiring and ongoing training. The appropriate personnel are already on staff at otmcyber managed SOC services, ready to assist you and provide the training required to carry out their duties effectively. Managed Security Services provides full security coverage for endpoints and the cloud.

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